Dearest Bean,

Every month of your life has been unique, but this more than many. This month I have been more of a stay at h0me mommy to you because I lost my job. (I just can’t figure out where I put it!) Your Great Aunt has been visiting so we have taken the opportunity to do all the things I’ve been meaning to do, see, tour – and you have come along on a few of those adventures.

People always told us that you will grow out, then up, then out, then up… well – they were right. This month has been a month of growing up. According to the growth chart on the kitchen, you are approximately 36″ tall. According to the scale upstairs, you are still stuck at 24 pounds. It seems you’ve been this weight for a while (which is what makes me worry more about how much you eat). Speaking of eating, you are still finicky, but getting better. For example, today you ate a hot dog for lunch. I wanted to “WHOO HOO!” and do cartwheels, but figured that would distract too much, so just let you eat. Not only did you finish the hot dog, but you ate several slices of apple and had some yogurt. You like to feed yourself, but are still pretty iffy at the process. With finger foods, you won’t let us feed you – but will do it alone (this is the beginnings of that independent streak I will worry about later). With spoon foods, if we have time and if I take off your shirt, you do a pretty good job of feeding yourself – but it is worth noting that a bath is necessary afterwards.

Your language skills are bubbling. Not only do you learn new words all the time, you are using them to communicate. For example, you make requests, such as “up” – to sit on a lap to read a book. “night night” to go to bed (this is a personal favorite, and I am enjoying it while it lasts), “more” to get another pretzel the moment everyone’s seatbelt is on in the car. You have learned how to dance, thanks to a trip to Michie’s Tavern and Barnyard Dance. You LOVE to dance now and the dancing book is in heavy rotation so you can twirl, spin and clap your heart out.  

The summer has been horrible. OK, I think it has been horrible, you have been totally fine with it. It has been HOT! The bright side of HOT is that you get to go swimming frequently. We’ve known for a long time that you are a water bug, but any time someone mentions the “S” word, you are off to your room to get your swimming suit and diaper – ready to GO. NOW! Sometimes you are willing to wait for me to get ready too – but not always. You jump off the step into my arms, you love me swinging you around, you even started kicking while holding on to a step. You are willing to lean back and get your whole head wet, but still not quite willing to get your face wet. There is still some time though.

The best part is that you are starting to show the early signs of being ready for potty training. Sometimes (not always), you will tell us when it is time for you to have a new diaper. You are very intrigued with that funny thing in the bathroom that flushes. Soon enough we will be getting a potty for you to try out.

As always, Daddy and I love you with all of our hearts. I look forward to next month and hundreds more after that.