OK – not so much blind as annoyed. I use glasses to read those tiny little letters on the computer screen or in books, or magazines, etc. I can see them if I squint, but that causes people who come see me to wonder why I am so angry all the time.

The problem is, I lost my glasses. I know they are in that safe place I put them before vacation, but since my vacation has been over for about two weeks, I am starting to wonder if they were stolen by the trolls in the basement who also took my rechargeable batteries, various single socks and my motivation for exercise.  I hate those little trolls!

Now that it has been two weeks, I am debating on if I should keep looking for my glasses or if I go get a new pair. That would involve a doctor appointment and I hate those. This one is not nearly as invasive as the OB/GYN, but that thing they blow in your eye-ball to check for glaucoma or insert GPS for the government, or whatever, that thing is horrible!

What would you do? Keep looking? (it isn’t really all that bad) 0r do you go to get new glasses?