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You know how when you are reading a story (or an article, or a blog post, etc.), you give the author a certain voice. Then each time the author introduces a new character, you give that character a voice which is a spin-off of the author’s voice?


Just me?

Well – now you know my dirty little secret. I have voices in my head as I read. (I hope they don’t start telling me to do mean things to  puppies!)

I am most surprised by the fact that I don’t think the voices at all sound like my voice. I also don’t have trouble hearing a voice and most of the time I am a little surprised to hear what they sound like. For example, I was reading Hyperbole and a Half’s post about spiders. I was laughing my arse off! (you really should read it… regardless of your feelings about spiders.). I was especially amused to find out that the spider in the post had a Russian accent (at least in my head). It did change to a slightly German accent (but still predominantly Russian) when the spider turned into a Nazi.

Do you ever have voices in your head? Are you surprised what they sound like?