Today, dear Bean, you are one and a half years old!

Since I am turning into a broken record, I’ll spare you the “I can’t believe how fast…” or “…how big…” commentary (even though it is still true). Instead, I’ll tell you all about the past month and all the cool new stuff.

You graduated into the next class at daycare. You aren’t a huge fan of the new setting, but are glad to have your friend with you again who is a couple months ahead of you in transitions. In your new class, you are no longer using a bottle and you are eating the school lunches exclusively! We are still struggling at home with you eating “big people” food – but we are SO excited that you are getting better.

Daddy and I have been keeping up with your haircuts (just cutting your bangs) until this month – so we went for your second haircut. It was MUCH better than your first (thankfully!) I will remember this as your first good haircut.

Last week, your cousins C & J came with Grandma and Grandpa. You LOVED playing with them. Anything they wanted to do, you were agreeable and just wanted to watch and learn everything they did. You especially enjoyed the new game of getting in and out of the ice chest that was left on the porch with a little bit of water in the bottom. You were dragging C & J in and out of the cooler for at least 2 hours! Finally we gave up and just went swimming, which you also loved.

While the family was in town, we took you on your first trip to the zoo. You were not so impressed with the animals. Through prior training, you were able to tell us what many of them “said”. You were far more impressed with the parakeets that flew away when you got close, than the giraffe you got to touch.

Your language skills continue to explode, but you are camera shy about it. Only when you are feeling very comfortable, will you say the words you know. As soon as I can, I will post video of all your new tricks. You can name all the parts of your face, you can tell us what a variety of animals “say” (i.e., moo, woof woof, etc.), you are still keeping Mama and Daddy, night night, bye bye and Bubba. You can say more, all done, and milk (these are very handy at meal time). There are a variety of other miscellaneous words you can say as well.

You went to your second wedding, this time in North Carolina. You don’t like road trips. At all. So this road trip ended up being much longer than planned. We will try to avoid strapping you down for any length of time going forward, but I would appreciate it if you could cooperate a little bit… it makes the trip shorter – making us and you much happier.

You are starting to outgrow a lot of your toys, so we will spend part of this month going through what we will keep, donate and sell. This, along with cleaning up your own toys, is one of the things I am trying to teach you – but it isn’t sticking. I wonder if it is because you don’t want to clean or if you REALLY don’t get it. The books say it is advanced for you, but you seem to be able to throw EVERY toy you have on the floor, spread them out and proceed to find a single toy to play with in another corner. I think you should be able to pick them up on demand as well. Maybe we will work on this next month.