Summer always seems to come with its own brand of entertainment. In previous years, I have celebrated with nearly non-stop concerts. I have celebrated with jam-packed weekends and apres-work cocktails in the driveway. There have been summers with so much time spend in the pool that I was water-logged until November. Last summer was spent going crazy with worker-bees all over the house and non-stop laughter/tears over the trials and tribulations. This summer has started off busy, but not crazy. Calm and peaceful, and new appreciation of waiting for humor to come to us instead of seeking it out.

We are filling our pool. We had a pool last summer, but didn’t fill it. I just really didn’t want to deal with the extra work of having a pool. (I guess that makes it a big cement hole, more than a pool.) While the pool is filling, I am taking advantage of the shallow water by taking the bean swimming. She is having a ball walking around and splashing! At least she did the first night. The second night the water was about as deep as her chest at the deep end and she didn’t think it was as fun. We splashed and played – all was well. Apparently the young bucks were taking notes.

After bean went to bed, hubby and I were enjoying the lightning bugs, cool night air and good conversation. I went in to get something to drink. Levi heard a very large splash in our not yet full pool. He went to see what it was and found one of the adolescent deers we have on the property flailing about, until he was able to stand and jump back out of the pool – completely freaked out! I wish I’d seen it for myself, I am sure it would have been equally funny in person as it is in my head.

Between my daughter splashing in the pool and learning to swim and the random animals who are sure to end up in our pool, I think I am going to enjoy summer time here as much as I have enjoyed previous summers.