Dear all people who touch my money,

If you are going to remove money from my account seconds from when I buy something, I think it is only fair that you put money in the account as quickly. I would even be fine if it took a while to place the money in the account, if it were equally as slow to pull it out.

For example, when I deposited a large sum of money in the bank today, then went shopping. I expected the money to be there. I did it first, after all. Then when I had to return the item, they put the money back on the card. I expected the money to be there when I went to spend it on the replacement item. Why are all my assumptions wrong? Why do I now have an overdraft for 1/2 the price of the original purchase after I both put money in the account and refunded the money? I don’t understand why, but don’t really care either. If you could just fix that it’d be super great…. k? (picture my head tilting here)

All the best,