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In retrospect, my weekend seems a little random.

– Friday, left work and drove to DC area for hubby’s birthday party.

– Saw a friend I hadn’t seen in well over 10 years, had a good time catching up.

– Had a couple yummy margaritas, but forgot that even if I go to bed way later than normal, my Bean will wake up at 6 am anyway.

– Woke up to go to a winery. Drinking before noon is OK if you do it at a winery, right?

– Went wedding dress shopping with my friend.

– Afternoon tea! (You really should do this sometime… it was very nice and a lot of fun) When I asked about what had nuts because of my allergy, the pastry chef made me a new plate with the best little desserts on it – all without nuts. I was also a big fan of the scones with lemon curd and crème.

– Birthday party for my friend.

– Drive home with a minor detour with an exploding baby. We stopped on the side of the road to clean the vomit. It was not fun.

– When we did get home, decided to go to the beach with visiting friend. (I love the fact that a random desire to go to the beach doesn’t require a 12 hour drive. OK… it is a 3 hour drive. But I would do it either way and 3 is way better.) Ate dinner on the beach and drove home (again, way too late at night – forgetting again that my Bean will wake up at 6 with our without my late night schedule.

It was a little random, but was a brief reminder of “the old days” and had a GREAT time. The only problem – I am not as young as I used to be and I am TIRED!