Anniversaries are good things — normally. Until you start seeing anniversaries to things like your favorite movies, albums you bought when they came out, and cartoons that children today have never heard of.

Apparently ‘Goonies’ is now 25 years old.

I so loved the movie that I wanted to go on a treasure hunt in my town. 20 years later, I found myself in Oregon and desperately wanted to go to Astoria to see where it was filmed (maybe they’d let ME be a Goonie!) I won’t say die. I will learn piano. I will bring the Baby Ruth candy bars. I will do a lot to be a Goonie!

OK – I know it isn’t real. But it is so awesome! I want it to be real.

I think my favorite Goonie moment is the scene with Mouth “translating” for Rosalita.

or when Andy sends back the douche’s sweater up the bucket in the wishing well. That one is good too… Goonies never say die!

What is your favorite Goonie moment?