Dearest Bean,

You are starting to look less like a baby and more like a toddler. I am constantly amazed at how fast you are growing and I am so very proud of you. This month you did a lot, so your readers will have to click “more” to get the full post.

This month you have discovered that you don’t only have to get bitten at daycare, you can do some biting of your own. You bit two kids (or the same kid twice… not sure which). I am now struggling with figuring out how to teach you the lessons of life, including the lesson about not biting people, when we don’t really speak the same language.

Your new vampire tendency you have could be related to the FOUR new teeth you have coming in all at the same time.

This could also explain the not so fun mood and buckets of drool you have going on from time to time. You have one coming in next to the existing top 4, one next to the existing bottom 2 and a top molar on each side of the top of your mouth. You are not a fan of my attempting to give medicine for teething, so you are braver than I am… but I wish you the best. If you would let me get some numbing stuff in your mouth, or if you wouldn’t spit out teething tabs, you might feel a little better. But for now, chewing on crackers will have to do.

Your eating has drastically improved. Your gag reflex (while still strong) is allowing you to eat “people” food. You are more willing to try different foods and it isn’t AS frustrating to get you to eat something – but a list of foods you will eat at which times would be nice (get to work on that, would ya?) You will now eat some chicken nuggets, which is great! Still no on the mac ‘n cheese plan though. Shockingly (and accidentally), you had chips and salsa this month and liked it! Even though you are our southern baby, you still have a little New Mexico in ya.

You are also in LOVE with your new jogging stroller and beg to go for a walk almost every day. The problem, though, is that you want to walk next to the stroller and try to push it by yourself. Or, you will get in and out of the stroller with no notice (this is especially problematic on the dismount and I wasn’t aware of your plan). This takes a nice little walk to an much longer adventure than I plan. Alas, we go on walks together and it could take the amount of time planned, or about 4 times longer… depending on your mood. It is always fun though.

The weather has been a little wacky lately. By the time we got to May, I expected to have you solidly in 18 month clothes, which you are. What I didn’t plan on is the need for winter clothes in late May. When you look back on your pictures, know that I am aware that your clothes are a little small – but even if I wanted to get size appropriate clothes, they are not available… it is May. Late spring. Nearing summer. Thankfully, I got some 18 month sized pants when they were available – but didn’t expect to need quite as many options.

You are learning the parts of your body, the belly button is your favorite to show. You are saying a few new things, ‘Mama’ is now identifiable by people other than just me, you say ‘hi dog’ and “woof woof woof”, night night, bye bye (I have to admit that “bye bye” sounds more like “die die” or “I die” – this is a little disturbing to me, but I love that you blow a kiss with it.) One favorite this month (and many years to come) is “no”. You will emphatically shake your head and say “no” when things are not happy in your world. This weekend, you also learned “ball” and “eye”. The language thing is moving along and I think it is the cutest thing ever. You are also using sign language and pointing much more proficiently – we are usually able to decipher what you want (even if you can’t have it). I am now keenly aware that I have little time to edit my iPod music as you are starting to mimic what you hear. I have been better on editing my own language, but maybe others (not naming names) could use an edit or two.

“Bean has been your nickname since I was pregnant, but this month, you earned yourself a new nickname. You are now also known as “ElizaBAM”. This is because of a new-found love of running, but a not yet honed skill. Because we have had some warm days, you have been wearing dresses and shorts. You show the many bruises and knee scrapes. I have stocked up on neosporin and mommy kisses.

We also celebrated Mother’s Day – a new favorite day of mine. You (and Daddy) got me a mold to do a hand mold and the new Godsmack record. I loved it! We celebrated with friends and a party in which we all wore my Grandmother’s hats. You were the cutest (in my humble opinion) and I hope you will find great joy with these hats as you grow up.

You are set in your patterns and learn so quickly. There was a time this month that I went out of town over two days. During those two days, you got the croup (scaring me to death). Daddy took great care of you, and he learned your affection for water. While running the shower to help with your cough, he caught you standing in the shower  – just playing in the (warm, but not hot) water. You then showed daddy how to give you a bath, just like I do. It went so well, you proceeded to get syrup in your hair. This made it necessary to bath you again – twice before 6:30 am. Luckily, Daddy is a good sport.

All in all, you are turning into a toddler, you are adorable and I love you very much.