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This weekend I am going to New York with Belle to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. If you know me at all, you know how very exciting this is to me! I have such admiration for Tim Burton. His dark whimsy speaks to me. It is fun, it is just a hair creepy, but joyful, all at the same time.

Also happening this weekend; I commit one of the worst sins of marriage you can do. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

I am leaving my husband with our daughter (who is not eating much of anything, but is hungry… a topic for another post). That isn’t even the marital sin. The part of the story that is horrible is that my father is coming into town the same day that I leave.

This means that I am leaving my husband, 15-month-old daughter and the father-in-law… and blowing town. OH – right – this is also the week before hubby’s finals week.

I would try to defend my actions by saying that I planned my trip well before the eating disorder showed itself and well before my father’s travel plans. I did try to discourage a Saturday arrival by my father and was very clear about when I would be home again. But alas, this is happening. Hubby, Pops and Baby will be studying for finals for 36 hours before I am back from my Tim Burton extravaganza.

My sister just laughed and asked if she could tell her husband (so he would know what a good wife she is since she has never committed such a sin).

How does a wife make up for such a sin? (except canceling the trip. It is Tim Burton! This is the last week of the show!)