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Pulp Fiction is among the top 10 movies of all time. It is a great movie, but it is not a family movie.

Samuel L. Jackson plays a guy named Jules. Jules has a foul mouth. I know this. Some of the most quotable lines come from Jules. While flipping through channels the other night, I saw that Pulp Fiction was on TV. Because the movie is so great, I wanted to watch it. I then realized why I don’t like watching movies like Pulp Fiction on channels that edit for content.

Every time Jules is talking about another person, he refers to them as “little sucker”. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Another edit I was amused by: When talking about many piercings (all done with a needle) , they failed to mention a piercing in the female characters “private parts”, instead said it was in her “neck”. I wonder if they were thinking it would be like a Frankenstein type thing?

I opted not to watch the movie in its entirety, so I don’t know how much of the 154 minutes was edited out. My guess is AT LEAST 45 minutes.

Do you watch movies that are “edited for TV”? How about shows like ‘Sex In the City” on TBS? (Does Samantha ever speak?)