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Several months ago, Real Simple (a.k.a., the best magazine EVER) had a writing contest asking the question “When did you first realize you were grown up?” I started several answers, but nothing ever quite answered the question for me. In reality, I only kind of feel grown up. If you don’t feel like you are grown up, how can you define when you first realized it. There are things I do that are definitely grown up, like paying taxes, cleaning up after my child, planning parties and getting excited about dishes.

Today, I had a conversation, as a “grown up”, but is similar to a conversation I would have had as a six-year-old. Today, I conversed with two adults at two separate times, about poop. What color is it? What was its consistency? How much was there? I kind of expected a show and tell portion of the conversation both times. When I was a kid (not sure how old, but guessing around 6), I was in a field with a friend, poking at a cow patty and rabbit “droppings”. The conversation that day was not all that far off the one I had this morning with my husband and a doctor, except there was a show and tell portion of the conversation. How can you feel “grown up” if the conversation never evolves beyond poop?