I have many starts to what will one day be many great, insightful, witty posts. They have to wait for things to calm a little bit. For today, you get to learn that the Bean’s words are back.

As you may recall, she was saying “mama” and “dada”, but stopped both. She is now saying “daddy” (sounds more like DAH-deeee) and sometimes says “mamamama” (I’m calling this mama because it makes me feel better). But – she does say “Bubba” perfectly when calling the  pup over. She also says her version of good night (nah nah) and bye bye (die die). I have to giggle at how she says “bye bye”, but it is true. I try to take it as a fond wish good bye, not as a death wish. The waving and blowing kisses is continues is more proficient and she is the most adorable thing EVER (in my totally unbiased opinion).