Dearest baby girl,

You are now 15 months old. You have changed so much this month! While you aren’t growing at a staggering rate (approx 23 lbs and about 34″ tall), your face is changing, your hair is growing and you are learning SO much.

Last month you were saying a couple of words, but this month, you are signing “milk”, “more”, and “baby” – but not saying anything. You do understand directions very well (not that you always follow them) and you are getting to know the names of your body parts and things around you. You are also very fond of “no”. You really like to shake your head when you disagree with something. “Yes” isn’t quite as much fun, but you do use it.

You discovered that you can give food to the Bubba the dog (something I am sure will continue). Bubba has also learned that you give her food if she asks for it. Even if you don’t give it to her, it is bound to hit the floor sooner or later, so Bubba has set up camp under your high chair during dinner time.

This month you learned my current favorite trick – you blow kisses. I even like it more than the hugging game. But just a little more. You can keep doing the hugging game.

The move to solid foods is well under way. This month your favorite food is Goldfish crackers. I have to hide them from you to get you to eat anything else. You also started eating cheese this month, which you also love. Your favorite food for so long, carrots, is officially on the “blah” list. Hopefully I can continue to find foods you like that don’t involve Gold fish. You also love drinking water. Especially if it is out of a regular cup or drinking bottle! You make a MUCH larger mess this way, but you love it, so we keep trying.  On a related note, you still don’t get exactly how gross it is to eat bugs. I don’t know why this is a hard concept… because it is, in fact, nasty. Stop that, would ya? Daddy and I have caught you trying to eat lady bugs a few times. If you don’t watch it, we will tell your high school boyfriends about it.

You came home with your first “incident report” from daycare. Apparently another kid bit you. You are a trooper and got over that one pretty quickly.

Your tooth count is now up to six! That last one was a real bear, according to your sleeping habits. But, it made its way through. You are very good about letting me brush your teeth (provided I let you brush them while I comb your hair).

As you can see from the video below, you have learned how to climb. This scares mommy. I do wish you could unlearn this one for now. At least don’t use your new-found skill to climb on the counters. An indication you might be a little instigator like me, your BFF learned how to climb the next day (suspicious???).

I love you very much and look forward to all the many months you have in front of you.