I am no law expert, especially driving laws.  I am not even sure I could pass the written portion of the driving test without studying. Even though I don’t know the laws all that well, I am pretty sure that it is against the law to not pay attention to driving, while driving. This would include putting on your make up, reading War and Peace, making dinner, and computer programming.

I bring this up because I am confused why most states find it necessary to make laws specifying what you cannot do while driving (talking on the cell phone, texting, etc.). Do these people know that if you make a law too specific, it is easy not to break it. For example, if it is against the law to text while driving, does that mean that I can check my email? Write a dissertation on the wood sparrow’s mating habits? Proofread my blog posts? Really folks – let’s go with the general rule of paying attention to driving, while driving and that covers all the things that people should or should not be doing while sharing the road.

This is just my two cents, but I am curious what you think? Any budding traffic attorneys out there that can help us learn why we need laws this specific about driving habits?

P.S. – this post is for you CJR… I do love Corey, but the reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I’ve been on vacation – not because I was mourning Mr. Haim.