Today for the lazy man, I did 4.44 miles bike and 2 miles walking (one at the gym, another at lunch). Woo hoo for stick-to-itiveness. I know it is only two days,  but I am happy. I don’t think I’ll be able to add on tomorrow because I have to go into the office.

22.46 miles left to run/walk

104.56 miles left to bike

2.4 miles left to swim

I double checked w/ the gym to make sure my calculations were right. I remembered seeing something about 12 or 13 laps being a mile, but figured I’d better check. Seems it was 13 laps is a 1/2 mile (EEK) Glad I asked, but kind of wish I didn’t. I have to swim a lot more than I thought. Twice as much, in fact. I still think I can do it.