The Bean celebrates her 14 month birthday today. We’ve hit a few mile stones this month that I have waited on for a while.

She is FINALLY eating real solids. Not with great proficiency, but good. She loves muffins, biscuits, crackers,  cheerios, pretty much anything in the bread family. She loves mac ‘n cheese, but doesn’t really get how to eat it (she gets confused when the pasta sticks to her face and she can taste it, but can’t grab it. She likes fruit OK, but not as much as the pureed favorites. I am excited that she has finally made the leap, but we now need a tarp under her when it is time to eat. Food goes flying off her tray!

She is learning more and more words. She can ‘t say anymore words, but she recognizes them. Our favorite game is to ask her where something or someone is and have her find it or point at it. For example, we ask “Where is Mommy?” and she will come and hug me. If we ask where the book is, she will bring us a book. It is great!

She had her very first graduation. She is still doing well and is sleeping on a cot. Quite the big girl!

We finally set up the growth chart in the kitchen and made the first recording. She is just shy of 34″ tall. This means she can reach the top drawers in the kitchen and can grab anything on the table that is close to the edge. She is also tall enough to reach the door knobs in the house — she still doesn’t get the mystery of how they work. This is working in my favor at the moment, as I like to keep her in ours or her room while I clean it. We are also using the doors to keep her away from the stairs instead of using baby gates. I am crossing my fingers this will last longer. I was hoping not to have to hop over the gate there too.

I know that she will technically be teething until all the teeth are in (seems this is around 3 or 4), but hers seem  to be coming really slowly. Currently the drool and fussiness is about one of the teeth next to the top middle. The other is there too, but this one seems imminent.

She is growing up so quickly! Now, on to 15 months!