I have mentioned before that I am now in my new hometown. No more moving around is planned for our family. We are officially Hoos.

Although we are not technically “from” this town, I have come to see my family all my life. I feel like I am new, but with an asterisk. For example, the house we live in has been in the family for decades. My daughter is the 4th generation to live here. Our house number has been active for almost 60 years.

My dilemma is my cell phone number. It is from our previous home that was never really home – it was like an extremely extended stay hotel (9 years extended). I guess it was home enough to get rooted in my cell phone number though. Now that I live in my new hometown, I feel obligated to change my cell phone number to a local number. But that means that all the people who have my number won’t have it anymore. I can notify those people who I do know how to get a hold of them – but a lot of people who were on contact lists long-lost that I cannot contact.

I am pretty sure that I will let this fester for a while longer before I make a decision, but I am curious what your thoughts are.

Do you change the number? Or do you explain why you have an odd area code for the rest of time to make sure old contacts can still contact you?