Facebook asks millions of people every day “What’s on your mind?” And millions of people answer. Sometimes I really didn’t want to know, but somehow the people still share.

Currently I don’t have any status updates from friends that are over sharing – partially because I started hiding the updates from the worst offenders.(thanks FB for this fancy feature)

The biggest update issues I have are the related to too much information. But there are two kinds of information I don’t care to hear about on Facebook. The first kind of TMI – I don’t care what you are doing every second of every day no matter what. I don’t care you just finished flossing last night’s popcorn out of your tooth. I really don’t care that you added peanut butter to your grocery list. And I really really really don’t care that you changed the channel on the TV.

The second kind of TMI you get on Facebook is the personal information. I don’t want to know about your bladder infection. I am glad you and your partner are happy, but I don’t want to know the details of last night’s adventures. And for the sake of my sanity, please keep all information about what came out of your body to yourself.

What I really like is the people who come up with a clever status for all to share. These are few, but they are gems. Recently I discovered a blog that talks about the gems, and I love them!


Have you seen a status that made you want to steal it and claim it as your own?