Do you ever have a funny phrase that sticks in your mind from a conversation you had with friends over a drink or two? This is often called the “inside joke”. The inside joke is often not funny at all, unless you were there when it started. I have a lot of these jokes. (things not funny at all, but I laugh anyway)

One of my inside jokes came back to me this week. In the strangest form.

The original story – HP, Ricki and I were laughing about a mommy that HP saw at an outdoor concert. The mommy was telling her kids to go play over there, while she had her wine. At the time, we were in our “vodka phase”, so we translated this into “hush hush, honey. Mommy needs her Vodka time.”

Today I came across an older post making the point that somehow Mommy’s drinking isn’t weird at all, it is necessary. Talking about Daddy drinking his beer in the La-Z-Boy is somehow creepy. I laughed. I then laughed harder when I saw that there is a blog – Mommy Wants Vodka!

I love her blog. Her sense of humor is similar to mine so you may like it too. I bet she would totally get the inside joke if she were there.

Have you ever had your “inside joke” show up in unexpected places?