One of the blogs I read had a GREAT idea for a swap meet. She suggested that she would trade other hated chores in exchange for delivering lunches for her kids. I think this is a GREAT idea and have some chores I’d like to exchange myself.

Some of these are more realistic than others. I know that. Some are even done by the hubby (thanks sweetie!) But there are still some that are open for grabs if you are game.

  • I will run all your house hold errands (grocery store, post office, bank, etc.) for six months if you go to the dentist for me.
  • I will clean your house – top to bottom – for 3 months if you do my Gyno appt for me.
  • I will wash your dishes, clean your bathrooms and do your laundry if you cook for me.
  • I will email your family with regularity to let them know how you are doing (signing your name), if you keep my floors clean. (I’d offer a phone call, but unless it has been THAT long since your last conversation – they might notice the voice change)
  • Lastly, if you lose my weight for me, I will let you name the stakes. I am open to almost anything, including waking up in the middle of the night to clean whatever your young child has done.

What chores do you hate and what are you willing to trade for them?