I am constantly learning about this whole “parenting thing”. As it turns out, the Bean is just as, if not more, clueless than I am. I am trying using this to my advantage.

Not all that long ago, hubby finished “Baby proofing” the key rooms that need it. The kitchen, living room, her bedroom and the hall. Our room is safe enough. What we didn’t know is exactly how keen her skills at finding things not proofed are. And how quickly she learns how to get beyond what was proofed and make them no longer proofed. I hate to say it, but I have already under estimated my daughter. I feel sorry that I have underestimated her, but once again, I am not ready for her to grow up.

I already took the book shelves out of the living room. I took the drawers out of the side tables when they were used as stairs to climb to where I can only assume was behind the TV. The drawers that were too high for her to reach have been locked and the recycle bins have a new blockade. (3rd times a charm?) The house is covered with toys, bibs, diaper changing supplies and baby clothes. I think this is the only reason I am OK w/ the random clutter of toys is that it matches the parts of the house that look so strange from the baby proofing.

We will keep trying to keep her space safe – reaching higher and higher and clocking more things in more complicated ways. Hopefully we can stay at least one step ahead of her for the really unsafe things.

Thankfully we are still faster and taller than she is. I hope at least that lasts a little longer.