The truck on Mt Crumpit pretty much matches the rest of the place. It isn’t that old, but it is pretty beat up. Like the house, every time I think we might be OK, I am proven wrong.

The truck has proven invaluable with the 18″ of snow we have gotten so far. Well – the truck and the plow. It isn’t pretty, it doesn’t really have all the parts – but it can push some snow off the road. The last storm left us able to leave the house before many others in town.

Yesterday and last night hubby pretty much kept up with the snow as it fell. He is a good hubby that way. A little while into the first run after dark hubby came in asking for wire, or twine, or something that would tie in a pinch. I asked what it was for. The answer may not shock you.

It seems the headlights fell out.

Fell out.

“How can this happen?” you ask… I am not sure why they were not in correctly to begin with, but it seems the last time someone had the same question, the solution presented itself in the form of string. String, as in the stuff with which you would sew a button.

I knew that if I mentioned it to “C”, I would get the answer “I thought that might happen”, so I just didn’t ask. I have decided that I don’t care how or why the headlights got tied on the truck with string.

This morning, with the snow still piling on Mt. Crumpit, the headlights are not necessary – but the windshield wipers quit working. I am not surprised at the bad timing of this (since the snow is still coming down), but I am almost curious to find out how this would be resolved. Maybe even curious enough to ask “C” to fix it. I wonder if string would be involved?