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This one falls squarely in the “?!?!?!” category.

Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds has passed a bill allowing for an “Infant Hunting License”.

A few talking points:

– It is for children aged 2 and above (not infants… but really, why split hairs here)to get a lifetime hunting license.

– It allows a Virginia citizen to have a lifetime hunting permit for $125 provided they pass hunter education at age 12. (they can hunt for 12 years before getting hunter education) It is sited as an investment, since a junior hunting license is $250… but it is a lifetime permit.

– Apparently there is no hunting age minimum in Virginia, but children under 12 must be supervised by a licensed adult hunter. (So we can load up the Bean and have her shoot dinner for us… as long as one of us is a licensed hunter)

– I wonder if Mr Deeds knows something about the Zombies that he isn’t sharing… which is why he wants to arm every citizen?

Discuss among yourselves. Enjoy.