This is an entry of a simple rant. I will get it out of me and be better. Then get back to my sarcastic, dry (but still up beat) sense of humor. Some months just don’t start the way you’d hope.

So far, I got a stomach bug (followed by hubby getting the bug) so we were both out sick trying to care for a baby who ended up with a different illness (thanks daycare plague!)

I had to go into the office (100 miles away) to make sure that “they” don’t decide I don’t actually need a desk. On the only day I had the opportunity to go, Mother Nature (or Punxsutawney Phil… not sure which) decided we needed more snow and a lot of fog. Nothing like making your way down a mountain with new snow!

The Lazy Man training started, but has not been a habit per se. Really it was a one time thing that I hope to get back to… (so much for EVERY DAY, I PROMISE).

The plumber was postponed… again.

We have a plow (woohooo) but it needs a heater and tires and a bumper… it needs a lot (boo). So we are going to replace it… soon… hmm… Thankfully, if you take a towel to wipe the wind shield, and bundle up… you can still plow. (if by “you” you mean, not me… but someone else. Like Hubby… or “C”)

We are three days into February and I am ready for March. Or, if it were like Groundhog Day, we could just try again. Is that an option?? I will set my alarm for 6:00 and see… maybe the Bean won’t wake up  before it goes off and we can try again?

Ok… now we go back to the normal programming. (crossing fingers)