This month has been yet another adventure. All the things Bean is learning have been expanding. I have said it before, but I love watching kids learn and see new things. The little light going on is really amazing to watch.

This month:

Everything she did since mid-month, she did with a cold/daycare plague/ear infection/pink eye. This made her mood less than happy.

The most exciting update is language. Much like many other things – it is not 100% clear – so we are not shouting from the roof tops. (It is NOTHING like “Look Who’s Talking Too” when he all of a sudden says “Daddy”) – but we believe that she is saying “Daddy” when she says “dada”. She is also saying “nom nom” (bad habit we started when feeding her to call her food “nom noms”) – but it is language. I was really hoping for Mommy first, but Daddy is good too. This, of course, is in addition to “uh oh” and “oooh”, both of which she has been saying appropriately for a little over a month.

Walking skills continue to improve. She is now starting to climb! (I don’t know how to baby proof the ceiling). The living room is finally “proofed” (translation: there is nowhere to put a drink down that she won’t be able to get to it.) At least I thought it was proofed until she opened drawers (with nothing in them) and used it as a step to climb on the table, tv, etc. I can’t really move those tables – so – we took out the drawers. (this is only temporary, right?)

Stats from last doc appointment: 21 lbs, 12 oz. 30″ tall and 18 3/4″ head. As noted, she needs to be “sleep trained” and she can eat anything except peanuts and those things Daddy and I are allergic to (she has a higher chance, so better to wait). All in all, doing great.

The sleep training has moved from “pulling her toes off” to going to sleep on demand most of the time. The only issue we had was one night she was less than happy and wanted to explain her unhappiness for a couple of hours. Other than that – she goes to bed while still awake and goes to sleep on her own! (woohOOO!!)

About the food – she is better w/ textured foods. We’ve been sharing more foods with her and she hasn’t gagged nearly as much! (very thankful about this one!) I really don’t want to send pureed foods w/ her to Kindergarten. When we went to dinner, she ate pieces of the bread with great success! So we tried eggs… it failed.

Her body shape is officially “toddler” and is no longer “baby”. She stands up and walks tall (even when she has her belly sticking out and hands behind her like George Jefferson).

Daycare had a shout out to her new skillz, saying she would soon be ready for the next room (away from her favorite ‘teacher’). It is nice to get a shout out, but they did forget her birthday in the Newsletter.

She heard ‘Sounds of Silence’ for the first time. It was on a recording of the 25th anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.  She stopped everything she was doing (playing with her tons of toys) and watched. Simon & Garfunkel sucked her in and she was mesmerized by the song. She is also a big fan of ZZ Top, but doesn’t care about the Foo Fighters.

We are officially “bad parents” because we have used the Baby Einstein videos as a baby sitter a few times this month. (it is mainly times when we HAVE to do something and sitting quietly in a safe place by herself isn’t an option.)

The top center teeth have officially popped out and the two next to them are expected any day.

She is waving and it will melt your heart.

As always, she continues to amaze me and I love her more than I thought was possible. Now if I can convince Daddy, she can have a sibling… I am not holding my breath though. He is pretty fond of sleep. He also says that he remembers my pregnancy better than I do and thinks I am crazy for wanting it again.