There were many great things and many horrible things that I remember about labor and my eventual c-section. The one thing that always sticks out is how badly I wanted a drink of water.

I was not supposed to have anything to eat from midnight the night before, have nothing to drink other than a sip of water to take my meds in the morning and labor started at 8:30 AM. By 2:50 AM the NEXT DAY, I was mighty thirsty. I was famished. I couldn’t believe the torture the mean nurses and docs were doing to me.

The wonderful nurse I had in recovery was the one person who gave me a drink of water. I don’t recall her name, but she was my favorite person in the whole world at the time. She gave me water.

Even in hind site, I don’t understand why I couldn’t have ANYTHING. NOTHING. Hubby was a good sport and kept getting me ice chips. Not nearly satisfying enough, but I had to make do. He’d get mad at me when he caught me drinking the melted water.

NOW – a new study says that I was tortured w/ out cause. “Women should be allowed to eat and drink what they want during labor.”

HALLELUJAH! OK – I didn’t really worry about food because I was nauseous, but I wanted WATER. How bad could this be?

If I do get to have another child, I think I will make one of my interview questions for my OB if I can have water. Even if she/he is a little… sketchy, if they let me have water it will be worth major bonus points.

Is that so wrong?