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Although I don’t generally have “bad Mondays”, I took the opportunity to cancel my own Monday this week and opted to go skiing instead. I had a few hesitations with this plan.

– I hadn’t been skiing in over 15 years.

– I enjoy having all my parts where they go and generally discourage moving body parts into places they don’t belong (i.e. my knee bending the wrong way, etc.)

– VA isn’t known for good skiing and where I went was almost all man-made snow (translation in my brain was ice)

– Skiing is physically difficult and I am (to put it kindly) out of shape.

– Skiing requires a lot of equipment that I haven’t had in about 10 years.

Even though I was nervous, I did it. I did it with a lesson. My lesson was much easier than I thought it would be, so my confidence was good when I got on the ski lift. I then proceeded to fall on the slope leaving the ski lift.

I hate that slope!

I got up and the rest of the day went well. I even got enough confidence to go to the intermediate slope when the easy slope got crowded.

For those of you who haven’t been skiing and have thought about getting back into it, the beginner skis are awesome! They are short and wide. I remember my first time skis were about as tall as I was. The skis I had on yesterday were about 3.5 feet tall and were much wider than I remember skis being. This really really really helped with the whole crossing skis problem!

I think I will have to go again this season. Maybe even go twice.

What did you do in your past that you’d like to do again?