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A woman at the gym had a t-shirt from an event she either was a part of, or organized, called “The Lazy Man”. I asked about it and she said it was adapted from The Iron Man.

  • You run or walk a full marathon: 26.2 miles
  • You bike 112 miles
  • You swim 2.4 miles

The thing about the Lazy Man that is different from the Iron Man is that you do it over a month.

This still isn’t easy. Definitely isn’t “lazy” – but I think it is a good goal for myself in 2010.

This works out to:

  • 29 full laps in the pool at my gym (or 7.25 per week)
  • Running/walking 1 mile per day with 4 days off
  • Biking 4 miles with 6 days off

That totally sounds doable! I can do that, right? I think I can. Can you?

Who’s with me? Yep – I am talking to you.

Since we are 1/2 way through January, and February is a short month – I am going to first try it in March.