Feminism is a funny thing. The stereo type of a feminist is some butch, man-hating he-woman. I consider myself a feminist.  I am not the most “femme” woman in the world, I am far from a man-hating he-woman. I feel like a “feminist” is simply someone who is proud of women and feel like women can do anything and should be “allowed” to do anything. This post was from two articles that talk about successful women. It is my ode to feminism… may we continue to grow out of the meek and mild ladies of yester-year, and “roar” into the future.

The first article is talking about how women are slowly (but surely) taking over the workplace. This is paving the way for women to have “it all”. One of the things the article talks about is having to deal with “the juggle”. Now that I have a kiddo – I feel that more than I thought I would. I really envy the stay at home moms, but not sure I would give up working if I had the option. Part of the reason I would struggle is my job makes it as easy as possible to both work and have a family. This is only possible because of all the hard work all the women before me did. I tip my hat to you, and hope you are proud of where we are so far.

The second article just asks “What three women over 40 have wowed you?” Narrowing to three is the tough part – so I will categorize:

My historical three would be Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Rosa Parks.

My historical, but still living list would be Jane Goodall, Maya Angelou, Sandra Day O’Connor

My “last decade” list would include J.K. Rowling (she made the world read about a wizard), Oprah (not for being rich, but for giving back), Condoleezza Rice (for having the hardest job on the planet at one of the hardest times, and still kept her grace)

My mother was a great inspiration in my feminism, and I hope I can do the same for the Bean.

What three women have wowed you?