I feel like I keep posting the same thing over and over again about the house. We had a healthy break over the holidays (thank you, Mount Crumpit). But, the house didn’t want to have all the fun in 2009, so it saved some for 2010.

You already know about the heat problem. The heat is on, but plumbers have not yet cleared us (well – they haven’t finished what they were supposed to do) – but there are no more poofs of steam coming from the floor (good sign).

Now we have an electrical problem that I am hoping is minor. The light fixture in the kitchen is not working. It is REALLY high up there, so when the light bulb burned out, I had to wait for hubby to fix it. When he tried to fix it, the abnormally large light bulb supply was out, so he went to the hardware store to get one (the grocery store only sells the normal bulbs, so Mt. Crumpit wouldn’t accept that). When he came home with the bulb, then tried to fix the problem, there was a small puff of smoke. EEK! Now we get to call “Mr. Mmm Hmm” (the electrician who starts every sentence w/ “Mmm Hmm. well. uh.) to come solve this problem. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to need a new fixture that takes normal bulbs and maybe is a tad lower. At least when Mr. Mmm Hmm comes they can fix a light in the basement. Fixing that light will help my zombie security rating.

I wonder what’s next!