I cannot vouch for how everyone else felt about the New Year’s Eve (aka, Fancy New Year’s) party, but I think it was good. I had a good time and it seemed as though others did too. We had a photographic scavenger hunt to find various things around the house. Until this game, I had no idea that there were so many pictures of boats there were in the house. The toast and group picture worked out and, I was so very impressed that everyone took me seriously on this one, everyone got in their pajamas after the midnight toast.

Then Bean had her first birthday party and she was awake and generally cheery. All the practice blowing (by reciting the wolf’s line “I’m gonna huff. I’m gonna puff. I’m gonna BLOW the house down.” followed by blowing in her face) didn’t help her understand about blowing out her candle, but that is OK. There is always next year.

I guess a little holiday panic was good? (this is a rhetorical question – no need to respond with how I just need to chill out, mmm k.)

Now, on with 2010!