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2009 has been very kind to me over all – but I am exhausted! Why didn’t you tell me that moving to Mt. Crumpit, then moving again all with a baby would be so exhausting?

Better question – why didn’t I already see this likely conclusion?

Here is my year’s wrap up:

First thing I did was have a baby. By far the best thing I have ever done in my life. I can’t believe how much I love her and how awesome it is to be a mommy. In retrospect, I am also glad I waited to have her. I am not sure I would have enjoyed her as much if I weren’t ready for her. She has been the source for my lack of sleep for a year, but still totally worth it.

Then I moved to Mt. Crumpit. As you can see from all my posts, it has been… a great big PITA a disaster source of misery a challenge. In retrospect, I think it will be worth all the headaches we’ve endured. Things are now beginning to calm down (except for the 22″ of snow while we were gone) (Oh, and except for the waterline that isn’t finished and the monster sized hole in our front yard)… but all things considered, the house has transformed in a year. This year, I will be able to do things to make the house our own… finally.

Hubby got started on the path to be a brewer. He started school (and has a 4.0 GPA!) and should be able to finish his degree early 2011 or late 2010 and start brewery school… then on to opening his brewery!

Me? I am still working at the same place (almost 13 years) and still love my job. The first quarter of the year will tell me if my job still loves me (by not laying me off).

My resolutions?

  • Why mess w/ tradition? I plan on losing weight. I think I can get to just over healthy weight by the end of the year (finishing off the last 10 – 15 lbs in 2011).
  • I have finance in order, but budget has been lacking focus. I will create a budget and stick to it (planning for fun things along the way)
  • I will make my life normal again. I live in my new hometown – I will get to know it and the people in it. I will focus my energy on the future and what is. This means that I will:
    • Take a real vacation this year (I haven’t for two years and really really want to) I am looking into a cruise to Alaska and a trip to NYC to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. I have until April 22 to do this one.
    • Do at least three of the local run/walks this year – running for at least a mile in each.
    • Volunteer at least four times in the community
    • Take the Bean to do kid stuff in the area. I will make no excuses.
    • Take time for myself and encourage hubby to do the same at least once per week.
    • Do the creative things I keep preparing for and not doing.

2009, I thank you for drastically changing the direction of my life. 2010, I look to you to bring back a little more balance to my life.