Our family vacation was possibly the worst vacation I have ever taken. Ever.

It started by being delayed four days due to the snow storm. We did the lemons into lemonade thing… we got to spend some great time w/ friends on the snow day and the following days waiting (not so) patiently for our plane to take us home. While waiting, we got a call from the kennel that Itty wasn’t doing well – and… that didn’t turn out well.

Then we finally got on the plane and things were going OK… thankfully! Then we got home and the shuffling between families, pressure to see this person at this time vs. that time w/ that person got to be a bit much. Hubby and I were feeling it and Bean was really feeling it. In fact this whole “time change” thing was beyond her. She went to bed around 6:00 – 6:30 every night, slept VERY poorly, then woke up around 4 – 5 every morning. Then she wouldn’t take good naps unless she was in the car (I ended up driving around for much longer than planned one day, just to get her to sleep a little bit). Hubby was up from about 2 am one night.

Because of our four-day delay, I missed out on seeing our friends in NM.

On the trip back, we woke up at 3:30 to get to the airport early. While we were gone there was a nut job doing stupid things on a flight out of Detroit. I think it was a personal slight against us because he knew we were flying in a few days and he wanted to mess with our trip through security. Then there was a snow storm in Chicago (where we had a layover). There was talk about delays and cancellations – so we asked about this possibility before leaving. They said there were no delays or cancellations.. until we got there. Two hours late.

In all fairness there were a lot of really great things that went right. Once we actually left the ground, we caught all our flights. The bean did great on all flights (with one minor exception on the last flight – but it was a timing issue we can correct next time), even though we were two hours late, we were able to pick up Bubba and the E’s were wonderful as always by coming to get us. I got to hang out with our families in NM, and got to see one friend. There was some Mexican food eaten, much cheer shared… all in all, not great, but definitely the wort vacation I have ever been on. Hopefully it will continue to be the worst. I am very very glad to be home now though. Very glad that our road is cleared of the 22 inches of snow that was here. Now, just need groceries. And beds. And dishes. And silver ware… I guess the holiday panic continues.