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Today is the longest day of the year, and this is the longest trip to New Mexico ever.

As you know, on Thursday morning I left Mount Crumpit at 5:30 am. Friday was spent in D.C. – we went to the National Christmas Tree. As it turns out, Santa is at the National Christmas tree – so we HAD to take pictures.

This was actually the second trip to get a picture with Santa. The first one was at daycare and she cried. They did manage to get one with out her crying, but she was… less than pleased with the event. (will post the picture later). When we went  to see Santa in DC, she was displeased. So displeased that Santa asked Mom to hold her in the picture. (Mom wasn’t ready for a photo opp. Neither was Dad.) We got another one of THOSE Santa pictures.. Here is what we got, although Santa’s elf’s picture was equally bad)

It was pitiful.

Then the first flight was cancelled. Then the second flight was cancelled. That second one was a doozy — we aren’t leaving until Wednesday. WEDNESDAY! This cancels plans with two sets of friends and several days of Grandma time.

Thankfully we are not stuck in an airport. Tonight, the longest night of the year, along with all nights since Thursday  – we stay here with the E’s. They haven’t kicked us out yet… here’s hoping we can stay until our flight leaves.

The most recent update to the vacation from hell – Itty is sick. The boarding place has been great so far – they took her to the vet and have done everything they can to care for our pup. Unfortunatly, even the vet said he is worried about her. We are keeping our good healing thoughts for Itty. Poor girl.

Tomorrow, we hope for the best w/ Itty and will try Santa again. We are BOUND to get a good picture of Bean with Santa for her first Christmas. Right? That is the plan.