I packed up my car to go to work at 6 am. My little wagon is jam-packed with everything except the baby and pups (they are coming later w/ hubby).

I have accepted that if I have forgotten anything, I will be able to manage. Thanks to K for the reminder of the baby monitor… I would have forgotten it. It was still in use when I left this morning, now I have to hope hubby will remember it (he is better at that sort of thing than I am).

Our flight doesn’t actually leave until Saturday morning – which is when the weather man is calling for snow. Now I am pleading to Mother Nature to hold off on that snow until after our plane takes off. I don’t normally ask for these favors, as I love the snow, but if I could just have this one favor… I’d be grateful. I can just imagine my normally good travel karma going astray when I have one HUGE suitcase (big enough for a travel high chair), one medium suitcase, stroller, car seat, extraordinarily large diaper bag and a toy bag and we are toting all our stuff across the airport to find that there is a delay long enough to miss the connecting flight and we have to drag all this stuff around the midwest trying to get home. In my mind our cell phones die too. I will take these things OUT of my mind. I will envision a continually smooth trip. My mind’s eye will keep an eye on clear skies, no traffic and easy travels. Wish me luck!

New Years will be the problem I will worry about when I get back. (OK, I will definitely worry about it when I return… but can’t guarantee that it won’t be a worry before I return)