9 days before Christmas, but only ONE more day before travel commences with nearly one year old. I am in full on panic mode. I made a handwritten list of things to pack… I included underwear.

I have a list, in my handwriting, reminding me to pack underwear. Who does that?? I need to stop. breath. and remember my old mantra of traveling… you NEED airline tickets, ID, credit card (and now need car seat and stroller). That’s it. Everything else can be purchased again if you really need to. Now… just to re-convince myself of this.

In my panic, I also started list-writing about New Years – as it turns out, I have more to worry about there. For New Year’s eve, I will have 18 adults and 5 children spending the night. I have been focusing on New Year’s eve, the dinner, the party… but didn’t think at all about breakfast. If you have grand ideas, I am all ears.

Do you think it is weird to have potluck breakfast? BYOC (Bring Your Own Cereal).