On this, 10 days before Christmas, I freak out about…

  • Packing for trip back home (and fretting about crying baby on plane)
  • Finalizing work projects before vacation
  • Not forgetting something really important for the trip (like a car seat)
  • Getting the house ready for 6 bedrooms full of over night guests when we get back from vacation

I am really looking forward to all the things coming, but I am having a hard time listing everything that needs to be done so I can just do it. Thankfully, C is on the case. He has been very helpful over the last few days.

Here we go… I am making a plan, checking it twice. All people who could be naughty or nice better be nice, or I will be naughty. Don’t make me do that. This means you store clerk. Oh, you too person who cuts me off in traffic. You didn’t think I’d let you off the hook, airline industry, did you? Finally – weather man – be nice will ya? Thanks!