As a child and teen and even an adult, I was a slob. Not gross (never left food or anything like that out), but clutter was my friend. If you could stack it, it was stacked… sometimes even neatly stacked.

Somewhere in the last several years I have embraced my inner declutter diva. Having stacks and piles of things around officially drives me bonkers. If you’ve seen my house, you can imagine that I am going bonkers… but organizing and clearing my way as much as I can.

I don’t care about other people’s clutter – which is how I am living through the clutter I have now (it isn’t MY clutter… it is my gmom’s.) It keeps me sane… but it is losing time as I am starting to accept the house as my home. I am not quite there yet… it is still very surreal… but I am working on it. Maybe my next “inner person” to be discovered is the inhabitant of this manor? we will see…

Who is your inner person?