This weekend it snowed on Mount Crumpit. It started in the morning and was so beautiful, peaceful and (aside from the worker bees coming to move major equipment around – they didn’t stay long), was like the picture you have in your mind of how a winter wonderland should look.

It was the perfect day to put up our new Christmas tree and bake cookies – which I did. I even finished up the last of the shopping (now just waiting for it all to arrive) and I thought about Christmas cards. I thought hard about them, but it didn’t happen. I got the laundry done – I figure that counts.

This was the first snow for us on Mt. Crumpit. Although it wasn’t the Bean’s first snow, it is the first one that she recognized it was snowing. She wasn’t impressed. I was very glad to find out that the snow, though it was pretty, didn’t stick to the roads so much that it effected the drive much. The snow took down a few branches and the “damboo” is now in the road, but otherwise it was a good drive for Mt. Crumpit.

I have pictures from this morning’s sunrise that I will post soon.