What kind of demented fool decided to make time speed up as you get older. I couldn’t WAIT for time to go by when I was young and now can’t seem to keep up with it.

Today there are 29 days left in 2009. This year has been a whirl wind of changes in my world. I had a baby, moved, then moved again (because moving with an infant is SO much fun!). Hubby and I the workmen survived a renovation of two houses (one of which I was living in at the time). I’ve learned how to deal with tourists who come to visit the house. I met Spiderman and made him cry (does that make me the villan?) and met a few new friends.

In these next 29 days, I hope to finish what I set out for the year… I will have to go back and look at what that was and plan how I can incorporate those goals into next year.

Did you fulfill your resolutions for 2009? Do you have time to finish now?