This, the 11th month of my Bean’s life, I am so very proud that she has reached a HUGE milestone. She is walking.

Here is a video.

On top of that… my bean is…

  • stacking blocks on top of each other
  • putting boxes inside each other
  • clapping and cheering
  • recognizing words and communicating her displeasure when things are not going her way.
  • understanding what the remote does. And she likes it.
  • learning how to climb (eek!)
  • opening the toy chest/ottoman and removing all the contents.

As a mom, I’ve grown a little. While I still rely on what “the books” say when I have a question, I don’t obsess so much that I read to find out what to obsess about. I obsess about her sleep habits more than what is probably healthy, but I figure that isn’t too bad. I am sorry to tell the authors of “what to expect the second year” and all related books, but I will obsess only with the online versions. (you didn’t really think I wouldn’t obsess at all did you?)

I only have one more month of my Bean’s first year. In honor of her very first Thanksgiving, I will say that I am eternally thankful for a happy, healthy baby. The year has flown by so quickly. I don’t get how time can fly so quickly. I am very glad that I got the idea to photograph every day of her very short life (a few months in) and I look forward to sharing a photo album showing how much she has changed.

This month, her last month of her first year, I plan on obsessing about what to get her for her first Christmas and what to do for her first birthday. I am so excited!