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When I was in 5th grade, I begged my mom to get me a perm. I had STRAIGHT hair that would not hold a curl to save my life. Finally, she took me to get a perm. It held for a grand total of that day. By the next day, it already started to fade and a week later my hair was as straight as it was before – with a little more texture from chemical treatment.

After college, I tried again. This time it lasted for about two weeks. (Not all that bad, since it looked stupid)

In my 30s, I noticed my hair texture was really changing. Not all that abnormal. Finally, if I curled my hair, it stayed as directed. I wasn’t dying to get a perm, but still like the way that curly hair looks on others.

In the last year, my hair (when wet) has shown a lot more curl. Finally – I decided to embrace this. I got some hair products to encourage the curl… I scrunch my hair, instead of comb it straight… and poof… i have curly hair.

I am on the fence about how I like it, but I am struck how I’ve gone from so straight chemicals can’t curl it – to naturally curly.