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I have been called a social network junkie. I am not sure I fully qualify, but I qualify enough not to argue. I am a fan and am most active on my blog (obviously), Facebook and Twitter.

The reason I mention this is because someone from the outside looking in would say (and I once did say) “what could you possibly have to say and who really cares?” As it turns out, I have a lot to say. I feel like the three venues I use are different audiences. My facebook is my “professional” social network. It is the one that I use for general communication to people I don’t frequently talk to, but am also the most conscientious about what is said. My blog is where I go when I have a lot to say, because Twitter (where I am the most ‘liberal’ with my thoughts) only offers thoughts in 140 characters. It is the blog that forces you to get to the point. No room for BS – just the facts ma’am – get to the point. There are times when I say the same thing on all three venues – but generally different topics.

The final question of “who really cares?” is answered with this. I do. I care and enjoy doing it. It is a good venue for me to write regularly – document the silly little things I observe or think of randomly.

Are you a junkie? How do you use your social media?


Apparently Courtney Love uses Twitter to provide commentary about designers. In fairness, I haven’t seen what was said… but from what I see here…

Really? Celebs may not always be all that responsible, but they can have opinions. The Internet cannot be the end of ‘free speech’.