Bean’s hair was getting pretty long. So long it was in her eyes. BUT… we have “real” picture day coming… so I wanted to make sure her hair wasn’t funny looking. Do I risk a bad haircut before the holiday pictures? Or do I let it go.

For a while I let it go. We had a “comb over” hairstyle that was working. When that started to get absurd, I got some barrettes to try and pull the hair out of her eyes. The barrette lasted about an hour (longer than expected) and the hair was back in her eyes. I knew that if I cut her hair, it was sure to be a bad haircut. Finally, I took her to the place to get a haircut. When I left, it wasn’t bad. Still damp – they gave us a cute little certificate showing her achievement, a clip of the hair for the baby book (aka, DNA to duplicate the greatness that is my baby) and we were off.

Then the hair dried.

If you continue the comb-over style, it isn’t bad. But if not… it is… well… baby’s first bad haircut.

Here is a picture of the cut.

First Haircut