I mentioned already that we were in Pennsylvania over Halloween weekend for a friend’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful and oh so much fun – but no good wedding is without its challenges. This one was no exception. I am embarrassed to report that I was a part of one of the challenges.


We stayed at a B&B where the entire wedding party was staying. Because we had the Bean (who needed to go to bed early), hubby and I took turns taking her to bed. The night before the wedding, it was my turn. Not all that bad, since I had to iron the dress I was wearing to the wedding and the shirt for hubby’s tux. I wasn’t 100% sure there would be an iron available, so I hung up both things in the bathroom with the hot water running while I went to look. As it turns out, their hot water heater ROCKS. In no time at all, the bathroom was FULL of steam – but luckily, they had an iron for me to use.


Bean fell asleep (FINALLY!), and I opened the bathroom door to get the items to be ironed. Seconds later – the fire alarm is going off. The steam from the bathroom was bellowing out and triggered a very loud sound and flashing lights. The Bean woke up (of course) and off I went down the hall with my PJs on, baby in hand, to find someone to tell them it was the steam from my shower.


I met one of the owners in the hall, who was cursing the person who was smoking and caused the alarm to go off. I explained it was me and got a look of disgust (clearly, he didn’t believe it was steam and was sure I was smoking on the room). We went back to my room and while the water was off, the steam was still bellowing. (They make some HOT water in PA). They turned off the alarm and reset it once the steam stopped bellowing and the rest of the wedding party (also in their PJs) were trying to be polite, but were glaring at me for this interruption. From this I learned:

– PA has HOT water

– Steam can set off a fire alarm

– Babies wake up when LOUD sirens and flashing lights go off and they are grumpy about it.

– strangers are equally grumpy when you interrupt their nights with alarms.

– ask the B&B if they have an iron BEFORE you seek alternatives

– don’t wear clothes you have to iron

Now I know.


I am sorry to those disturbed, but I hope you can at least laugh at my faux pas.