This morning I woke up a little later than planned – too late to make it to the class I wanted to go to.

I am proud to report that I went anyway. At 6:08 am, I entered to the gym and walked/ran on the treadmill followed by weights.We won’t discuss what I ate yesterday… let’s just say that I shouldn’t have Oreos in the house when I am at the beginning of a new mantra. We can focus on the fact that I went to a weight class last night instead.

Focus on the positive!

I did discover some new things about my newfound hometown. I knew this was a “running community”. That wasn’t a secret. But it seems the runners are out and about even before the sun rises. Many of them. A couple small groups, several individuals, and one large group. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? It is time for bed. Didn’t they get the memo?

I got my early morning giggle from one of the “funny cabs” (cabs that are pretty standard, except they have amusing little statements on their bumpers). The one I saw this morning said: “A man who procrastinates is… ummm…”