Motivation comes in waves and for different topics. Late last week I felt motivated to get back on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon (just after the purchase of Golden Oreos). I looked at my schedule and realized that getting to the gym in the evenings is hard to do. Hubby is great and takes care of the Bean, but there are always reasons why I can’t make it to the gym classes I like. There are a million reasons why I “can’t” go on my own… primary reason… I am not a good self motivator at the gym. So I VOWED to myself:

“I will go to the 6 AM classes at the gym!”

Yeah… I was gonna.

This morning I even woke up in time to get to the class on time. It was quiet. It was cozy in bed. I had good reasons (in my mind) to skip today.

good reason??? really? Awake, nothing going on, class starting soon… and I can’t make it? I guess that powerful motivation I had on Friday didn’t last to Monday morning. Tomorrow… I will try again.

No. I WILL go tomorrow. really.

What I can do today is continue with the rest of the healthy living plan. I can eat well. I can go to the gym after work (thanks hubby!), and I can avoid eating the entire package of Oreos. I will eat 2, account for them, and move on. I can remember that I quit smoking cold turkey… certainly losing weight and getting to the gym can’t be that hard.

Writing this on my blog will be how I will get my motivation back. If things go well, I will report on progress. If they don’t go well, I will wallow in my own disappointment with my bag of Oreos.