This week we had a speaker come with the topic “Happiness and Productivity”

The theory is that if you are happy you are more productive – sounds very “corporate” doesn’t it? Turns out, it was very inspiring.

One of the things discussed was a common concept about identifying what makes you happy and doing those things. Not rocket science. She suggests you should identify six things that you want to be better at or continue being good at, then focus on things you can do that help you get better at as many of those things as you can in one activity. For example, my list of six things I want to be better or continue being good at are:

– Good mommy

– Good wife and friend

– Good/happy at work (enjoy my job and seek how to improve it)

– Socially conscious (good member of the community, volunteer, environmentally conscious, etc.)

– Fiscally responsible (live within my means)

– Healthy (mentally, physically)

According to Jennifer Aaker (the speaker), to make me happy, I should be doing something like volunteering at work, doing something active, with friends (this allows me to improve my desire to be socially conscious, be good at my job and be a good friend, while not spending money – making me fiscally responsible, and being active to promote healthy lifestyle.) OK, a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea. One activity to hit many points that make me “happy”.

My question to you:

What are the six things you do that make (and can keep) you happy?

My favorite thing she said while talking about how happy people are more productive, she said social networking sites causes people to be happy. While my job encourages social networking use, I think this is a good case for others to be able to at work as well 🙂