Frantober coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Last year I did my first race in DC and I am sad I am not doing it this year. (I am out of town on the day it is held, even if I could go to DC) I really enjoyed it last year (even though it was unbearably hot and I had morning sickness). It is inspiring to be around survivors of cancer and it gives me hope for the future of not only breast cancer eradication, but all cancers.

I missed the local breast cancer walk registration, so that was out.

I am just going to have to do my own race. This way I am certain to finish – I’ll probably even win! Even better, I don’t have to wear pink to do it! (This will disappoint a few of you out there.)

Inspired by my favorite team name I saw during last year’s run, I will call it the DIY Run for the Tatas.

Anyone out there in blog land want to join me in doing a DIY Walk for the Tatas? You can donate your “registration fee” to whichever breast cancer fund you like.